Monday, July 14, 2008

The Real End Of The Canning Lines


These guys work endless hours day after day, week after week yet basically go unnoticed.

Can by can they cool them and then stack and pack them.

Tim does have eyes under that hat somewhere but they are seldom seen.

Erkan pushing a bussy basket in to be unloaded

Isabel and Diana diligently record and label every lot of cans that leave the plant.

As the pallets are loaded and wrapped, Dan sends them out to the loading dock.

Victor loads the pallets in vans for their trip south to the lower 48 where the final inspection and labeling is done.

Skyler and Diana seem to be able to keep smiles on their faces through out the day.

Thanks for such a great job guys!!!

Name That Boat

Ryan and Fred doing a great job of making new net locker signs for our fishermen.