Monday, June 15, 2009

We're Off and Running

The Time Bandit showed up at the dock with our first fish of the season tonight.

Not a big haul, not even a sorta big haul but it's still the first reds to come over the bull rail for 2009 and I'm sure it's enough tp add put salmon to our menu.

Levy, Lani, Demie and Raymund working the night shift in the galley. It's now an around the clock show and these guys make it happen.

One of our many hard working electricians Hector. He was hanging pipe for our new 450hp refer compressor in this photo.

Newbie Beach Ganger Justin kicking around in the bone yard.

Here are a few bear pics Justin took while he was checking out the new neighborhood.


  1. Cool bear pics! Are you seeing any bears around the camp yet this year?

  2. How close do you get to the bears? Those pictures look like you are standing next to them!

  3. Although we do not have bears hanging around camp just yet, I'm sure they are passing by now and again along the river bank and seeing us.

    The above photos were taken a couple miles down the road from here. I've seen what appears to be the same sow with three of last years cubs a few times now. The sow keep a fair distance from us due to being protective of the cubs she has in tow but I'd say we were around fifty feet or so from the at times..