Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Well, it's a start....

If your wondering, why a blog instead of the photo laden site we have used in the past, the reason is simple.
A blog gives our viewers the opportunity to contribute their own personal comments as we post.

Granted, we've had viewers share their comments before. They have come in the form of everything from threats of bodily harm and lawsuits to the crying whimpers of grown men directed at the great salmon lords above us that do their daily best to rein us in a productive and positive direction.

That's not the kind of comments we really want to hear.
What would be more interesting is your view points and suggestions or anything that comes to mind that you care to share about a given topic.

Keep in mind that this is a family channel and we have the magic wand that strikes anything we deem inappropriate. Just visualize moms and kids at home huddled around their family monitor looking to see what their husbands and fathers might be up to while working away from home all summer. Bringing the the family closer is the idea here.

The photos will be posted here as always.
If you have any to share, please send them along to the "contact" address provided on this page.


  1. Yeah, what fuckin' fishing vessel is this? Good on ya.