Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Back To Naknek 2009

Well here we are- back in Naknek Alaska, for another Bristol Bay salmon season! I know- seems a little early doesn't it? Actually, I don't think half the salmon we are going to process this season have been born yet- but none the less we're here. You might notice some changes this year to the format and content of this blog. Hopefully- these changes will be a good thing. The most important change will be under YOUR control. We want to see more comments from you- the viewer! Tell us what we are doing wrong, Tell us what you want to see, Tell us who you want to see. We know you are out there- now we want to know what you're thinking. Keep in mind this is a family friendly site, dedicated to the people we've left at home. Keep comments in the PG classification- because we can, and will, edit them. Our goal is, and always has been, to open up our little world to you, and allow families to keep in touch with their loved ones. With that- lets begin the 2009 sockeye season...

March 21st- final approach to King Salmon from Anchorage, aboard PenAir flight 3201

Unloading on a cold runway. We were met with clear but cold skies and windchill temperatures somewhere in the -15f range.

Cramped yet comfortable cab ride to Naknek.

We needed our own transportation- but first we had to dig out the doorway. Ice build up around the plant was a little greater than years past. Brian, Dave, and Luke do their part to free the slider.

Monday the 23rd of March- we had a little snow fall from the night before. Temperatures climbed up to the freezing level. Darius is seen here plowing some fresh snow with the backhoe.

Here's a somewhat elevated view of downtown Naknek nestled under a blanket of snow.

For a quiet, sleepy little fish town- Naknek draws it's share of worldly travelers. Here we see Elizabeth and Antonio enjoying a nice walk uptown for a leisurely brunch at the Red Dog Inn.

A view of the frozen Naknek river looking south.


  1. Wow, that really looks cold..Where's all the bears?

  2. So they let you take your dog in the cab?

  3. Where's all the bears?,

    The resident bears in SW Alaska are considerably wiser than the common man, they will continue sleeping until the days become warmer and the winter snows melt away.

    So they let you take your dog in the cab?

    Actually it wasn't our dog, he was there when we got in. I believe he either owned the cab or was on board for security issues...

  4. Looks good guys! You been to the D&D yet?

  5. Thanks for starting the pics already. I look forward to many more pics and terrific story telling.

  6. great pictures!

  7. Thanks for the blog. I just want to say how much I appreciate it -- the stories, pictures, and the like. My brother in law, Sam, is up there w/ y'all -- rather than being home and flooded in North Dakota!

  8. Hey Adam, good to see you jumpin' in here.
    You guys are sure making the news with all the flooding down there, I was talking to Sam about that at dinner tonight.
    As you can see from the last post Ghostfish made here, our river is still making ice. Any concerns of flooding will be weeks away here.


  9. Thanks fer gettin this up and running early folks. Nice to see what your up to this year. Sorry about the weather! Sam never admitted to having a brother-in-law!

  10. They should start posting some of last years "sunny day" photos just to fool the guys waiting down south for good weather before they head north to go to work...

  11. Never admitted to having a brother-in-law? Nobody has ever asked. Just for the record bucket, I have a sister-in-law as well. Life is good in Naknek, come on up!


  12. I'll keep this anonymous for now also... but I sure love this site when my man is working hard up there...
    Thanks for the beautiful photos of wildlife and awesome scenery... want to see more of the guys!